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Today's Family Ministries
The Sensational McMillan Singers

The Sensational McMillan Singers were so named because it consists of biological family members. They were
recently featured in the magazine "About Us," in which Rev. McMillan stated that their CD is a new form of
praise music and it appeals to all people in all walks of life. He further stated,  “This CD, “Praise Him Now", is
a special collection of contemporary and upbeat traditional gospel songs given by inspiration of God.“  It
represents a whole new frontier for worship, fellowship and praise through music and lyrics. It will become a
model that other gospel talents will be emulating in the future.

This CD, celebrates the gifts, talents, and higher trained voices of Evangelist Marilyn McMillan, First Lady and
wife of Rev. Larry A. McMillan, Sr., and their son, Michael McMillan, vocalist, keyboardist, producer, and
Minister of Music for Today's Family Ministries.  It features harmonizing vocals, skillful 'Sownds' arrangements,
and powerful praise - a masterful mix that is truly indicative of their new praise spiritual technological sound.
They use their awesome musical talents to minister to the youth, adults, and all masses.

Evangelist, Marilyn McMillan and occasional lead vocalist began singing at the early age of seven, and landed a
recording contract at the age of fourteen.  She has successfully recorded various songs and dedicated them all
to the Lord.  Her talents allow us to experience Christian music through her talented voice with a jazz flavor,
old- fashioned gospel sound, a rhythm and blues, to contemporary gospel, and a Jamaican praise.  

Michael McMillan began singing at the early age of four in church. He has appeared on television and sung on
radio at an early age. He began formal lessons on the piano at the age of five.   He has served as minister of
music, managed groups, recorded and produced over 98 compositions, appeared in music videos, and a music
entrepreneur.  He organized and owns a production company called 'SOWND' Productions, Inc.

Rev. Dr. Larry A. McMillan, Pastor of Today’s Family Ministries, began singing since the age of six.  He is a
writer, musician, business manager and teacher.  His professional training has spilled over into the entire family.  
He arranged and wrote many of the songs.  He is truly gifted in the music arena as well as a renounced
preacher, poet, and exhorter.  

The lyrics of the CD "Praise Him Now" speak volumes of truth in each song.  It encourages all to try a positive
approach to problems that confront them. The group provides music for those who need everyday
encouragement.  This music will not spoil like a carton of milk. It reaches beyond the church walls and will be
institutionalized.   Songs entitled "Praise Him Now," Self behind the Door," "Let the Fire Burn," and "Bush on
Fire," are just a few of the vocal treasures this CD has to offer.

The Sensational McMillan Singers have had enormous formal training and experience in the music industry. The
singers have attended and received earned degrees from colleges and universities.  They have attended
numerous musical workshops. They have been trained by some of the best musicians and vocalists in the
industry. The Sensational McMillan Singers have been redeemed from the many perils of life.  This group was
reared in strong, spiritual family homes.  Their testimony and music moves their listeners to a level of accepting
God as their Savior, and heals the broken heart, touches their soul, and guides individuals step by step toward
salvation.  They give all praises to God.
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